Former Lab Members

Former Graduate Students

Isaac Peetoom Heida
MSc Student (2021-2023)
Ecological and genetic drivers of silicon accumulation in cereal crops
Now completing a PhD in the Cahill Lab at the University of Alberta
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Taylor Weishaar
Visiting MSc Student (2021-2022)
Now a biologist with Palmer Environmental

César Cabra
MSc Student (2018-2020)
Toxicity across food webs: Effects of plant botanical extracts on tri-trophic interactions in tomato
Now completing a PhD in the Avilés Lab at the University of British Columbia

Audrey Debonnel
Visiting MSc Student (2018)

Li Xiao
Visiting PhD Student (2017)

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Daria Reshetniak, PhD
2022 to 2023

Pierre Girod, PhD
2020 to 2022
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Quentin Geissmann, PhD
2019 to 2022, now leading the DARSA Group at Aarhus University

Di Wu, PhD
2019 to 2022

Former Visiting Scholars

Katarzyna Patejuk
Dekaban Scholar from July to November 2023
Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Plant Protection at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Science

Kinga Treder
Dekaban Scholar (summers of 2022 and 2023)
Research Technician in the Dept. of Agroecosystems at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Former Lab Technicians

Martina Clausen
Lab Manager (2020-2022)

Sadie Garcia

Aldona Czajewska

Former Undergraduate Students

2023 Undergraduate Students
Julia Taylor
Paul Fisher (current technician)
Nisa Chavez (current technician)
Shawn Fang
Lucas Friesen
Dennis Chiu
Hannah Levit
Jamie Peacock

2022 Undergraduate Students
Grace Wang (current technician)
Asha Wareham
Georgia Sainas
Wei Xie
Tony Chunqing Liang
Damara Featherstone
Allison Gacad (NSERC USRA)
Naeem Valiani
Sara Salad
Tina Friesen

2021 Undergraduate Students
Katherine Buchanan
Rémy Altasserre
Savi Raghuraman
Yulia Shcherbakova
Ebba Hooft Toomey
Joyce Liang

2020 Undergraduate Students
Sadie Larter H.
Yuma Baker
Sara Ng
Melody Fu

2019 Undergraduate Students
Jordan Tam

2018 Undergraduate Students
Carmen Wong
Derrick Chong